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The Aikido Development Society was formed over thirty years ago as a non political aikido group and generally follows the teachings of Sensei Tomiki. Sensei Tomiki being one of the first aikido students of O-Sensei Ueshiba, was also in his own right, a high ranking Judoka. He was tasked by Ueshiba San to create a competitive form of Aikido that finally found the name of Tomiki Aikido. He integrated the competitive aspects of Judo with Aikido thus enabling students at the Waseda University to practice `Contest Aikido`.

Many of the clubs in the ADS follow the teaching of Santa Yamada who first brought Tomiki Aikido into Great Britain, his teachings were more of an enjoyment form than competition. Following Senta Yamada`s return to Japan, Sensei Naito arrived and taught the new contest format Randori No Kata (hand to hand Randori). Later, Tanto Randori (knife Randori) was introduced and is still practised today.

Others in the Society follow the Shodakan Style (also known as Sport Aikido) which comes from one of Professor Tomiki’s students, Tetsuru Nariyama. Nariyama Sensei holds the rank of 8th Dan(JAA) and 6th Dan in traditional aikido.

Other groups within our association follow the other varied styles of aikido, we all enjoy meeting up and comparing the many skills and techniques that we have all developed over the years.

Aikido is essentially non-violent, encourages harmony and avoidance of confrontation.

All the classes in our association are well attended, with Aikido students always on the mat and the classes are aimed at all levels from beginner to advanced students and everyone is welcome to come along regardless of level, fitness or experience.

All Aikido students work at their own pace during the training sessions and no one is forced into doing anything they are not comfortable with.

We have Aikido students that visit on regular basis from other clubs and associations throughout the UK as well as overseas visitors. Although we generally follow the Tomiki Aikido syllabus, we have a vast knowledge of different styles of Aikido and many of our Dan grades have practised and graded in other styles of Aikido including Traditional Aikido & Aikikai as well as Judo

Steve Billett

Chairman Aikido Development Society

About the ADS

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